Judd Apatow Slams Bill Cosby Online, Questions Comedian's Innocence and Ability to Secure Gigs

Judd Apatow isn't ready to defend Bill Cosby anytime soon.

As the legendary comedian continues to battle allegations of sexual abuse from multiple women, Apatow is making it clear that he doubt's Cosby's innocence.

"He should speak publicly about how false this all is," the Hollywood director replied to one fan who tweeted "innocent until proven." "30 alibis."

In recent months, dozens of women including Janice Dickinson and Beverly Johnson have come forward alleging Cosby performed inappropriate and illegal sexual acts on them. While Cosby's lawyer hasn't addressed every single case, he has previously shot down some sexual assault claims made by multiple women.

"We've reached a point of absurdity," Marty Singer said in a statement obtained by NBC News. "The stories are getting more ridiculous."

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Apatow, however, has some concerns especially after so many women have come forward.

"It is not extortion when most of the accusers do not want anything," he responded after a Twitter follower defended Cosby. "There are much older woman who suffered for decades."

He added in a separate tweet, "I always wonder why some people try so hard to not believe women who have been assaulted. What is the root of that?"

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While Cosby hasn't been charged with any crimes, Apatow also expressed his dismay at venues allowing the comedian to perform during this troubling time.

"So @Centre_Square - are you really going to let Bill Cosby perform on your stage January 7?" he tweeted to no response. "You too @BudGardens Jan 8? Is Cosby only popular in Ontario Canada at this point? Do people still find him delightful after 30 accusers?"

For the record, Cosby received a standing ovation at a recent sold-out show in Florida.

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