Lindsay Gets Her Hands Dirty This Thanksgiving

Inside the Lohans' holiday plans

There will be no VIP treatment for mega-watt starlet Lindsay Lohan this Thanksgiving. 

The "Mean Girls" actress is set to get her hands dirty when she heads to her family's home in Long Island to help prep for their Thanksgiving meal today, according to

"Lindsay is making the garlic mashed potatoes. They are amazing!" mom Dina Lohan told People. "Lindsay is doing great right now. She's happy and very busy working. She works a lot and so we're excited to have her home for Thanksgiving."

The actress will celebrate the holidays with her mom, sister Ali and two brothers, according to the magazine. Another reason the Lohans can be thankful: their trouble-making gossipmongering dad Michael Lohan isnt' likely to attend the festivities.

The starlet will spend quality time in the kitchen with sis Ali, who is making the stuffing. The main course will be left up to mom.

"I'm doing the turkey and making sure nothing burns," Dina told People.

Once the meal is served, the family will take part in a Thanksgiving tradition passed on from Dina's family.

"We go around the table and say what we're thankful for," Dina said. "I grew up with it and it's just a Thanksgiving tradition we have going on at our house that we grabbed onto. ... We are so blessed and it's important to share what we are thankful for, and not to take things for granted." 

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