Passengers Brawling on Spirit Airlines Flight Caught on Camera

An FBI spokesperson said no one was arrested or charged in the incident.

Five women were involved in a brawl aboard a Spirit Airlines flight over a loud boom box, authorities say.

Spirit Airlines Flight 141 was headed to Los Angeles International Airport from Baltimore, Maryland, Wednesday morning when the fight broke out before landing, an airline spokesman said.

Two female passengers, who appeared to be intoxicated, began playing loud music from a boom box, Spirit Airlines spokesman Paul Berry said. When other passengers asked the two women to turn down the music, they refused and asked: "What are you going to do?"

The woman holding the boom box turned the volume up and began waving the speaker around "to provoke" the other customers, according to Berry.

That’s when another group of fliers approached the two women and a fight erupted. A passenger on board the plane captured the melee on cellphone video.

In the video, women can be seen pulling hair and one of the female passengers standing in the aisle threw multiple punches at a woman at her seat.

Passengers said the fight had been brewing throughout the five-hour flight, as two older women repeatedly asked three younger women to be quiet and turn down their music.

“The older women were agitated throughout the flight and by the end they had enough," said Emerson Silva, who was aboard the plane. “They were throwing serious punches. The ladies they were serious. To be honest I feel like alcohol was definitely involved.”

Emerson and another man jumped in between the women and kept them at bay until police arrived.

Law enforcement officials responded to the altercation upon the plane's arrival at LAX. Another passenger captured video of FBI agents boarding the plane. [[371631711, C]]

An FBI spokesperson said no one was arrested or charged in the incident. One of the women was cited for indecent exposure for allegedly showing her breast as she got off the plane.

"My understanding is that it was primarily a verbal altercation in which multiple parties engaged," FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said in a statement, adding that their federal agents routinely respond with airport partners.

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