The Penthouse That Trumps ‘Em All

Just recently Donald Trump sold his swanky custom-made Southern California estate at a major loss, which for the Donald isn't all that bad considering he's shacking up at this amazing penthouse apartment on the Upper East Side in New York City. Our friends over at Curbed tipped us off to Refinery29's recent interview with Melania Trump, Donald's better half, where she gave some insider photos and clues into their ultra luxurious crib.

While it's no surprise that the pad is jaw-droppingly opulent, the voyeuristic and curious alike will be impressed to learn that the palatial Trump home boasts a front door covered in gold and diamonds (why not?), the living room consists of white, gold, and dazzling mirrors, and Melania Trump requires visitors to throw on a set of bootie scrubs so no scuff marks dirty her pristine floor. It's unclear whether the Donald prescribes to his wife's house rules or not.

When the former model Melania isn't showing off her glitzy home to us common folk, she designs jewelry and is a full-time mom to her five-year-old son, Barron. 

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