Weekend Watch List: The Royal Hangover

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you give an awkward toast at the Royal Wedding reception. Why did you bring up the fact that Wills and Kate broke up that one time? No one needed that rehashed, you monster! LET’S GO!

DATELINE NBC – 9:00PM Tonight (NBC) NBC is just one of many places to go tonight for all your Royal Wedding postgame festivities. This two-hour special will be hosted by Ann Curry from London and feature all the best clips from this morning. Actually, given the length, it’ll probably just show ALL of this morning. And someone better explain why the Royal Family stiffed Kate on her Princess title. That ain’t class! ANTICIPATION: KING ME!

KATHY GRIFFIN’S INSIGHTFUL AND HILARIOUS TAKE ON THE ROYAL WEDDING – 8:00PM Tonight (TVGuide) Yes, that’s the actual title, which I’m sure they meant to be somewhat ironic, but also kinda want you to take literally. Anyway, if you like your Royal Wedding postgame shows to include a hefty dose of snark, Kathy’s your gal. ANTICIPATION: KATHY!

THE KILLING – 10:00PM Sunday (AMC) Still waiting for this show to get rid of the clingy fiancé. That storyline is just brutal. And I’m dying to know what sketchy cop was doing with that all that cash he stuffed into that mailbox. Is that his ex-wife? Are those his kids? Would it kill the guy to shave? And I’m also eager to find out if Stanley Larsen goes all gangsta on the teacher. Stan’s gotta little headknocking in him. Also, he looks like a superfat Louis CK. ANTICIPATION: HIGH!

A BRONX TALE – 9:00PM Sunday (SpikeTV) Now youse can’t leave! ANTICIPATION: UNDERRATED!

WHO KILLED CHANDRA LEVY? – 9:00PM Sunday (TLC) Ingmar Guandique. Oh, did you not want spoilers? My bad. ANTICIPATION: CREEPY!

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