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NoHo Private School Teachers Get Vaccine. How'd They Do it?

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A special program allowed some teachers at a North Hollywood private school to get COVID-19 vaccinations, even though Los Angeles County has not yet reached the point of including teachers on its priority list.

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer said 80% of LA County’s seniors still haven’t gotten the COVID-19 vaccine, and because of extreme shortage, teachers are still two to three weeks away from being eligible.

And yet, The Wesley School, a private K-8 in North Hollywood, notified parents that some of its teachers got vaccinated because of a special program offered by Northridge Hospital Medical Center.

"In general, where you see those outreaches happening because someone has a vaccine that's about to expire," Ferrer said.

The hospital said in a statement: "Recently we had vaccines available and reached out to schools and day care centers in the Valley to offer vaccinations to educators, targeting those 65 and older."

The hospital has not said how many were given to those under 65.

On Twitter, LAUSD says it was offered 100 slots, but declined them because it was against the rules set up by the LA County Health Department.

"We haven’t really opened up vaccinations for workers eligible workers," Ferrer said.

The Wesley School has about 320 students. Tuition is around $30,000 a year and the school is in gradual reopening rollout and operating at limited capacity.

In a statement, The Wesley School said: "We firmly believe that vaccinating educators is critical to returning students to in person learning. When the hospital notified us that vaccine was available, some of our teachers scheduled appointments and received the first dose of the vaccine. We strongly urge public health officials to prioritize vaccination for all educators."

Ferrer says vaccination sites with extra doses should call the LA County Public Health Department for guidance.

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