Nice Wine Rack

Sportsbra/wine flask will boost bustline and get her buzzed

Can't afford a pricey piece of jewelry for the wife or girlfriend who also enjoys the occasional drink? The Wine Rack bra is a more affordable gift this holiday--although we're sure a sense of humor is required.

From the product description at

The Wine Rack drink dispensing sports bra will increase your bust line by 2 cup sizes AND get you and your friends buzzed at the same time - everyone wins! This, the ultimate party bra, features a pouch to fill with your beverage of choice tucked inside with a long drinking tube that you can feed through the top of your shirt or down the sleeve. Drink through the tube of this bust booster, or pour directly into cup. Speaking of cups, it will increase bust size two full cups (cheers, applause) and simply blow into the tube to fill with air to make up for the alcohol consumption - no deflation!

The Wine Rack bra holds 1 1/2 bottles of wine and is not recommended for already well-endowed women.

It's for the woman who has everything, except a hangover.

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