Police Capture 5-Foot-Long ‘Not Friendly' Python in Redlands Residential Area

Redlands police captured a five-foot-long python slithering through a residential area last week that was described in a sergeant's log as "not friendly."

Officers arrived to the 800 block of Orange Street about 3:30 a.m. Sunday where they found the large snake and two "frantic" people flagging them down, Baker said. They then devised a plan to capture the python and transport it in one of the officer's tactical bags.

The transfer went smoothly and no one was hurt. Baker said that he did not have exact details on what led the officers to believe that the snake was unfriendly, but that it was likely agitated by the circumstances.

Officers were sent to the scene because no one from Redlands Animal Control was available so early in the morning, Baker said.

The python was brought to Redlands Animal Shelter, but was never claimed by its owner. A local pet shop owner adopted the snake Friday.

Employees at the Redlands Animal shelter described the python as docile.

"That may be the difference between being cared for by somebody more accustomed to handling animals," Baker said.

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