One Driver Taken to Hospital After Multi-Car Collision in Woodland Hills

One driver involved in the collision was taken to the hospital while the other two drivers sustained minimal injuries. No pedestrians were harmed.

Multiple vehicles were involved in a collision that witnesses insist was caused by a street race on Tuesday in Woodland Hills.

Although the collision occurred in a high-traffic area with numerous pedestrians, none were unharmed. The driver of the Challenger was taken to the hospital, however. The other two drivers involved sustained minimal injuries.

The collision happened on he 20600 block of West Ventura Boulevard when a Camaro and Challenger were allegedly racing. The driver of the Challenger claims he wasn't speeding when a third vehicle, a Chrysler entered from a side street.

The Chrysler allegedly tried to beat the traffic, but the driver insists the other two vehicles were racing.

"We heard cars driving by at a pretty fast rate of speed, then we heard the impact," Jeff Pursley, a witness, said.

A witness checked on the wellbeing of the drivers after the collision occurred.

"I checked on this driver and the other two drivers," Eric Hannah, the witness who checked on the drivers, said. "There were remarkably little injuries."

Officials are investigating the cause of the collision and have not made any arrests.

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