Truck Driver Makes Surprising Recovery From Coma

Doctors say an Oregon man who was "in a total coma" for six weeks has made a miraculous recovery.

Truck driver Mike McCaul was on the road last November when he suddenly felt ill. After pulling over and calling 911, he lost consciousness.

The 60-year-old was rushed to Los Angeles' Providence Holy Cross Medical Center, where he slipped into a coma. Doctors did not expect him to recover.

"We've most certainly never seen a case where someone was in a coma, was comatose for months without any response and then had a total recovery," Dr. Robert Robinson said.

McCaul was completely unresponsive and kept alive on a ventilator for 30 days.

"I know that I had tubes all down my mouth, my throat," McCaul told NBC4.

On the 31st day, his doctor greeted him with the usual "good morning."

"He lifts up his hand and shakes my hand. That was it," Robinson said. "He was awake."

McCaul said he does not suffer from any serious medical conditions and did not take any medication that November day.

Doctors believe the trucker was overcome by fumes from his truck and suffered from hydrocarbon poisoning, which causes inflammation in the brain.

Although he may never remember what happened that day, doctors say McCaul is expected to lead a normal life.

"If the Lord wanted me to remember it he would have given it back to me," he said.

McCaul said he hopes to make a full recovery and return to work, but not as a driver. He hopes to secure a position somewhere else within the company.

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