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Vehicles “Disappear in a Heartbeat” in Koreatown

"Your car can disappear in a heartbeat," one driver Ray Haney said.

Dozens of cars were stolen last month in Koreatown, marking a significant uptick over last year's statistics, according to police.

In July alone, 42 cars were stolen in Koreatown, according to LAPD Olympic Division Captain Vito Palazzolo. He added that those numbers are about 14 percent higher compared to last year's statistics.

Police are concerned with such statistics, especially in an area like Koreatown where parking is limited.

"Parking is very, very difficult to get around here as you can see other people even use the sidewalk to park between the sidewalk and the street," said driver Raul Casas.

One newspaper delivery driver left his car idling Tuesday and had his car stolen moments later, Palazzolo said.

"He went to deliver newspapers in the property that was a little further in where he could not see the street. When he came back literally less than two minutes later and the car was gone," Palazzolo said.

"Your car can disappear in a heartbeat," another driver, Ray Haney, said.

According to Palazzolo, many of the thefts are preventable. Police advise drivers to look for a well lit spot to park, and warn against leaving a car idling with keys inside, and against leaving a car unlocked.

Documents left inside cars are also proving to be motivation for thieves, according to Palazzolo,

"Whether it's registration documents or mail or things like that sort, if you get somebody's name address and some other information it can be used for other nefarious purposes," Palazzolo said.

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