Rescuers Working to Free Entangled Whale in Long Beach

Rescuers were working to free a whale caught in rope and crab traps in Long Beach on Saturday.

The entangled whale was described as a 30-foot-long humpback whale, according to Capt. Erik Combs with Harbor Breeze Cruises.

Combs said it looks like the massive mammal was stuck in some sort of fishing net with buoys attached to it. 

They first spotted the whale near Point Fermin, north of the Port of Los Angeles, but it was last spotted off the port of Long Beach.  

Combs leads whale watching tours from Long Beach and San Pedro and he said this whale was not acting normally. 

"It looked like there were multiple ropes. I saw two buoys ... it looked like multiple ropes around it," Combs said. 

He added that it was slow moving and appeared to have difficulty breathing. 

Rescuers were able to get some of the fishing line off the whale Saturday, but rescue efforts were scheduled to resume Sunday. 

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