Retired Police Dog Euthanized After Biting, Dragging Man

Neighbors used steak knives to stab the German shepherd after it dragged a man into an Eastvale street

A dog identified as a former member of a Southern California law enforcement agency was euthanized after witnesses used steak knives to stab the animal when it bit a man in Riverside County.

The German shepherd was wandering in Eastvale Sunday night when a 20-year-old man offered it a bowl of water, according to to a statement from the Riverside County Department of Aniaml Services. The dog took a drink, placed both paws on the man's chest, then bit the man and dragged him into the street, authorities said.

Relatives and friends tried to punch and kick at the dog, but it refused to let go of the victim. Witnesses then used steak knives to stab the dog, which finally released its grip, according to animal services officials.

The victim was hospitalized with several bite wounds. Details regarding his condition were not available, but the injuries were not considered life-threatening.

An animal control officer later found the dog on a lawn in front of a home. It was not immediately clear whether the dog was stray or belonged to someone in the neighborhood. 

"I walked him to my truck and, with one command, the dog, despite its injuries, leaped into one of my truck compartments," officer Will Luna said. "That dog must have recognized me and uniform, and as someone of authority. He didn't show any aggression toward me at all."

The dog was euthanized due to the stab wounds. A microchip embedded in the dog confirmed the dog was a former K9 member of a Los Angeles County law enforcement agency, according to the animal services statement.

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