Committee to Decide How to Allocate Funds to San Bernardino Terror Victims

A $2.4 million relief fund for the survivors and victims' families in the San Bernardino terror attacks that left 14 dead and more than 20 injured was to be allocated to families who desperately needed it after the traumatic event, a committee said Wednesday.

Since the December 2015 attacks at the Inland Regional Center, The United Way has been collecting relief money for those who have been closely affected by the mass shooting, including the 72 people who were inside the conference room when the attack happened.

All of them may be entitled to a portion of funds raised.

The Arrowhead chapter of The United Way formed a committee of more than a dozen people to best determine how to disburse the money.

On Wednesday evening, the committee was to present what they call the draft protocol, which shows how families can file claims for their portion.

The bulk of the money has come from local organizations.

"The local San Manuel tribe donated $350,000 and Muslims United for San Bernardino donated $200,000 through a national online giving effort," Doug Roland, the chapter president, said.

The committee members got advice from people connected to the Columbine massacre, Virginia Tech shootings and Boston Marathon bombings to see what is the best way to help the San Bernardino victims access the money they need as quickly as they can. 

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