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San Pedro High School Baseball Player Savagely Beaten, Left for Dead

His family said he's so badly injured he has not been able to tell anyone what happened to him.

A San Pedro High School baseball player was beaten and left for dead Thursday night, leaving his family searching for answers as he lies in the intensive care unit.

Evan Jimenez, 15, was heading home from a friend's house after a baseball game at 10 p.m. when he was attacked in an alley near Bandini and Second streets, Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies confirm.

Deputies said two men attacked the teen.

"They asked him what gang he's from. He said he's not from a gang. And it broke into a fight," the victim's aunt Cortney Steinhoff said. "That's when they started to viciously attack him."

His beating was so violent Evan is now breathing with the help of a ventilator at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

His family said he's so badly injured he has not been able to tell anyone what happened to him.

"He has extreme bruising and tears on his neck," Steinhoff said. "The entire side of his face is fractured."

Steinhoff said at least one witness account is helping the family piece together the Thursday night attack.

"Only three people know what happened - Evan and these two guys," Steinhoff said.

His family said Evan's baseball team from San Pedro High School, his friends and coaches, all visited the hospital, hoping for his swift recovery.

His cousin recalled the awful feeling when she saw him in the ICU.

"He's just very unrecognizable. I couldn't believe that was him," Briana Arredondo said. "I was trying to hold back tears. It's just horrible. I wish it wasn't him, I really wish it wasn't him."

Evan's mother Charlene has not left her oldest son's side.

The family said in addition to a full recovery, they are praying for justice.

As he heals, the family hopes someone turns in his attackers.

Deputies said there are no suspects and detectives could not find surveillance video. They are hoping for anyone with information to help them find the men responsible.

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