Solar Eclipse: Local Shop Supplies Sky Gazers

Unlike some other suppliers, Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes is offering real solar glasses.

The big total solar eclipse happening over North America is only days away, and one local business is getting in on the action and helping sky gazers take in the big event.

While the marketplace has become flooded with dangerous, fake solar glasses, Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes is offering the real thing for those looking to view the event without risking permanent eye damage.

Business has been booming for the shop as people come in in droves looking for their pair solar specs.

"This is an opportunity to see this one more time," said Debbie Bremner, who will be watching the eclipse from Los Angeles.

While SoCal will not be one of the areas where totality will be visible, the region will still be in the penumbra, with roughly 60 percent of the sun in the shade.

Even that view should be breathtaking, but real solar glasses are a must for whoever wants to cast their gaze up at the sky.

Simon Tang, who works at the shop, said there's an easy way to check if your solar glasses are real or fake.

"If you actually just hold them up to a regular light and you can see the regular light coming through, they're not safe," Tang said. "True solar glasses, you cannot see through them; you can only see the sun with these things."

So with that in mind, grab the proper eyewear and prepare for the eclipse, happening Monday, Aug. 21.

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