D'Angelo Russell Memes: Images From D'Angelo Russell's Leaked Video

A collection of memes and jokes from the ongoing feud between Lakers' guards D'Angelo Russell and Nick Young.

There are seven games remaining in the dreadful Los Angeles Lakers season known as the "Kobe Bryant farewell tour," but now there is an embarrassing cloud surrounding the team, and it's not just their record.

By now, you've heard the story of how Lakers' rookie point-guard D'Angelo Russell recorded a private conversation between him and teammate Nick Young that was leaked onto the Internet last week. ESPN's Baxter Holmes and Marc Stein reported on Tuesday that the team had isolated Russell recently for violating the sanctity of the Lakers' locker room.

Young spoke to the media before the team's 102-100 victory over the Miami Heat on Wednesday and said it was an internal matter that needed to be handled between him and Russell. The 20-year-old rookie also spoke to the press and said he has apologized to Young and the rest of his teammates and has no idea how the video got out.

According to ESPN Radio in Houston, who had "Fameolous," the social media personality that first published the video, live on air, the video was sent to them by Nicki Minaj. According to "Fameolous," Young's fiancée, pop-star, Iggy Izalea, spoke badly of Minaj on Bravo last week, and her camp sent the video (which they claim they took off Russell's Snapchat) to "Fameolous"

Russell is now seen by teammates and the public as a snitch, and was promptly booed during introductions at Staples Center. The Internet has reacted to Russell's betrayal and some of the best memes in history have surfaced. We congregated some of them for you below. Enjoy.


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