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LA Rams' Fans Spend Second Most on Team Merchandise in All of NFL

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NFL fans were confined at home for over a year. That meant that the only way football diehards could watch their favorite team was on television.

Sure, NFL audience viewership was up in 2020, but it's not the same as being in attendance with 50,000-60,000 other screaming fans cheering on your team. Needless to say, that made football fans even more ravenous for live action than ever before.

In Los Angeles, not being able to watch the LA Rams and Chargers was even more excruciatingly painful during the pandemic. That's because the newly built, state-of-the-art SoFi Stadium finished in July and was ready to host fans for the first time. Instead, the nearly $6 Billion stadium sat empty for over a year.

Thankfully, fans are allowed back into stadiums this season and that means the diehards of the Rams and Chargers will finally be able to see, and spend their hard-earned money at one of the world's greatest entertainment venues.

Thanks to a recent survey by FinanceBuzz, we can now better understand fans spending habits. The company recently surveyed over 1,500 fans from each NFL franchise to find out how they spend their money when it comes to their favorite football team. Moreover, they discovered where exactly that money is going.

The data was interesting to say the least, read on to discover for yourself just where Los Angeles football fans spend their money when it comes to their favorite team.

Alcohol Sales


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This one wasn't as surprising as we thought it would be. Rams' fans spend the fifth most money (per person) on alcohol at games than any other fanbase. On average, a fan of the LA Rams spends $55 on alcohol each game. Granted, this in part has a lot to do with the price of beer and cocktails at sporting events in the City of Angels. But for contrast, the Chargers, which share SoFi stadium with the Rams, only spend an average of $31 per person on alcohol at games in the same city. Clearly one fanbase knows how to enjoy themselves and let loose more than the other.

The fights that broke out at last week's preseason game between the two teams might be indicative of that, but it pales in comparison to fans of the New Orleans Saints. Who Dat? Nation spends nearly $65 per person on alcohol at games. That’s more than a brand new pair of shoes!

A graph of how much each NFL fan spends on alcohol per game.

Food and Beverage Concessions

Rams' fans didn't crack the top 10 when it came to money spent on food and beverage at games, but wait til they see all the delicious food and beverage choices at SoFi this season.

However, once again the LA Chargers' fans found themselves among the bottom of the list when it comes to money spent on food and beverage concessions at games. Chargers' fans were the fourth cheapest in the league, spending just an average $74.49 on food and beverage at games.


This is where the Mob Squad blew every other franchise out of the water. Rams' fans spent over $332 on average on apparel and merchandise for themselves and their family members. That amount is the second most in all of the NFL, trailing only the Houston Texans who spend an average of $380.00 on merchandise.

I guess that Rams logo change last season really did work after all.

A graph of how much fans spend on their NFL team's merchandise.
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