Draft Lottery Day for the Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have a 6.3 percent chance to land the overall top pick in the 2014 NBA draft lottery.

Tuesday is lottery day!

More important than the Los Angeles Lakers’ coaching vacancy, Tuesday is the day Lakers management and all purple-and-gold wearing fans collectively cross their fingers and toes in hopes the Lakers get lucky and land a top-three draft pick.

Sitting sixth on the board entering the ceremony of bouncing white balls, the Lakers have a one-in-five shot at moving into the top three.

Only the top three picks are based on the lottery system. Higher than most would expect, the Lakers have a 21.5 percent chance of finishing in the top three. For the levelheaded percentages thinkers who like their medicine straight, the odds favor the Lakers either staying sixth or dropping to seventh to the tune of 74.4 percent.

Hoping to get lucky, the Lakers sent former No. 1 overall pick and all-time Lakers great James Worthy to serve as representative. Worthy brought along bobble heads of former Lakers play-by-play commentator Chick Hearn and former Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss as good luck charms. He also hinted that he would represent former Lakers coach Bill Sharman at the ceremony.

After fans wore the worst season in the history of the LA Lakers, only a lucky ping pong ball can wash away the depression and despair that lingers like the strong stench on a skunked animal.

More than simply determining draft position, Tuesday marks the resumption of serious business for the Lakers. The quality of the asset will be decided on Tuesday, but regardless of the outcome, LA will obtain an asset.


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Aside from open salary cap space and Kobe Bryant, the Lakers are short on assets these days. If LA hopes for a quick rebound, a high draft pick would likely be the centerpiece of any trade. Also, the Lakers landing a top three pick would instantly make them a far more desirable coaching destination.

Without overstating the importance of Tuesday, one ping pong ball can fix the stumbling and stuttering Lakers.

Whether a high draft pick ultimately leads to a top prospect or results in luring a star to the city filled with them, Tuesday is a day Los Angeles can collectively cross its fingers, toes, knees and elbows in the hopes that last season's suffering helped the team build a future.

At the most basic level, fans can only hope Tuesday will lead to more wins next season.

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