Russell Martin Looks To Stretch Out His Season

Last season State Farm deluged us with an ad that had Joe Torre adjusting to life in Los Angeles and even taking a yoga class.

Apparently blue-collar Dodgers catcher Russell Martin thought he was serious.

"That was my main goal, to do some yoga, still do my explosive movement type stuff, because that's all it is in baseball, reaction-type stuff, and flexibility. All those things, with a consistent work plan during the season, instead of seeing my numbers drop towards the end, hopefully I'll see more of a stability and a consistency. That's what I'm looking for."

Could doing yoga help a guy playing the most physically demanding spot on the diamond? You Bet. But what really is important is that he thinks its working.

Real effect, placebo effect, Dodger fans don’t care. They just want the Martin of April and May to be the one they see in September and October. Whatever works for him works for them.

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