Women Need Special Help to Learn Baseball?

Women can look forward to special "educational" game broadcasts

In our experience, the easiest way to really anger a woman is to be condescending, to tell her she can’t really understand something the way a man does.

Pretty much every man in Los Angeles learned some if not all they know about baseball from Vin Scully, the legendary Dodger broadcaster. He will teach you the best count to steal a base on, why they shift fielding positions against a certain batter, and what the manager is thinking abut three plays ahead.

But apparently that is not good enough for the women of Los Angeles.

So on Wednesday night, Jeanne Zelasko began doing a special internet game broadcast designed to be“educational” about how the game of baseball is played. Dodgers assistant coach Mark Sweeney does color on the broadcasts. Frankly, the pair of them likely will do fine.

This move by the Dodgers is at best a cynical attempt to draw new women followers of the team, and it is at worst condescending. Do women really need a special broadcast to teach them the game? Is this really going to draw new fans?

Fortunately, in today’s media saturated world, we have choices. The media is struggling to adjust to a world that is a pure meritocracy — we can pick and choose what we think is best, then watch or read that.

And with all due respect to Zelasko, if you want to learn baseball listen to Scully.

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