Jason Kandel

Street Vendor Whose Cart Was Tossed in Fracas Given $1,000 Check

A Hollywood street vendor whose cart was tossed by an angry neighbor complaining he was blocking a sidewalk more than a week ago got a surprise $1,000 check Thursday from a group of people who took pity on his plight.

Benjamin Ramirez beamed when a bunch of people showed up bearing gifts and balloons on Hollywood Boulevard.

"Gracias," he said to the folks participating in a "60 Acts of Kindness Campaign" by a property management company.

They say what happened to Ramirez was the opposite of kindness and they hope the cheer would make up for what he endured.

Ramirez recorded neighbor Carlos Hakas throwing over his vending cart after the two argued over space to walk on the sidewalk.

The cart is not allowed on the sidewalk, but the actions were overblown, his supporters said.

Ramirez told him in the video there was a path to walk around the cart. Hakas disagreed and told him he moved the cart or he would, showing Ramirez what police think was a Taser.

As Hakas moved in, Ramirez threw chili pepper at Hakas' face.

Hakas threw over his cart.

Leslie Suder, a spokeswoman for Goldrich Kest, a property management company, saw the video of the confrontation and decided to help as the company celebrates its 60th anniversary with its "60 Acts of Kindness."

Ramirez, who has only been a street vendor for a few months, says he will use the money to buy another cart.

At last check police were investigating the incident as vandalism.

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