13-Year-Old in Critical Condition After Tree Falls During Storm

An Irvine teen is currently in a coma fighting for her life after a large pine tree fell on her during Friday's storms.

Teresa Johnston, who works as a dog walker, was on her way to pick up a dog during a light break in the storm, but she never made it. 

Her parents knew something was wrong when a neighbor told them an hour after she left home that she never came to walk their dog. 

They searched the neighborhood and saw multiple trees that had fallen, Teresa's father Roch Johnston said.

"I climbed over the tree that crushed my baby," he said. "You have no idea."

The massive pine tree fell on the upper half of the 13-year-old's body. She suffered multiple fractures and bleeding in her brain. The doctors are mainly concerned with inflammation in the brain. 

Johnston's family and neighbors gathered Sunday evening for a prayer and candle ceremony to wish the teen well. 

Teresa's parents said their daughter easily could have been killed by the fierce impact of the falling tree.

"God let us keep our baby," Roch Johnston said. 

"They asked us to pray for a miracle and that's what we're doing," neighbor Andrea Moni said. 

A YouCaring page has been created to help with the family's medical expenses. 

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