Huntington Beach

Thousands of Bees Infest Huntington Beach Home

"There's so many of them. You feel totally outnumbered."

A couple discovered thousands of bees swarming inside their Huntington Beach home earlier this week.

Pest control taped off Jim and Noreen McLaughlin's fireplace, and they're waiting for a bee expert to remove the uninvited guests.

"It's kind of creepy," said Jim. "There's so many of them. You feel totally outnumbered."

Noreen feared that the swarm of bees would attack her, but luckily no one has been stung.

Logan Chandler, a neighbor who happens to be in pest control, believes that the bees came into the house through the chimney.

"In this case, they just wanted to hang out in their chimney," he said.

Chandler added that bees tend to be more active in the summer, which might be why they decided to make themselves at home in the McLaughlins' residence.

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