Los Angeles

Genius Way to Merge Into Traffic? Man Holds Up Sign That Reads ‘Please Let Me In'

One man has found a perhaps genius way to navigate the nightmare that is Los Angeles traffic.

A Lexus driver was caught on camera Tuesday holding up a sign that read, "Please let me in" as he attempted to merge into traffic while exiting a Los Angeles freeway.

The driver, who can be seen successfully merging after exiting the 10 Freeway in Culver City, then flips the sign to read "Thanks." 

Angeleno Allison Klemes, who recorded the cellphone video, posted it to Twitter that afternoon. 

"broh driving in la is such a trip i'm still laughing," she wrote. 

Klemes, who is a native Angeleno, says she has "never seen anything like that." And she's even seen people eating corn on the cob while driving...

She said she thought the video -- which has since been viewed nearly one million times on Twitter -- would be a funny thing to share with her friends. 

Now, she hopes to track the "man with a 300000 IQ" down. 

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