Uber Passenger Sought in Attack, Carjacking of Her Driver

Police were searching Friday for an Uber passenger who attacked her driver before carjacking his car and hitting him with it.

Saul Mejia, an Uber driver the woman attacked him Monday night in South Los Angeles.

"She just put the pedal to the metal. I guess I just tumbled over the car."

He suffered cuts and bruises he got when he says the woman carjacked his car, then rammed him with it before taking off.

"At that moment I thought I was dead," he said.

Mejia said the pick up in South Los Angeles Monday night started off normal enough. The woman asked to use his phone after whomever she was visiting wasn't home.

"I could hear her screaming at someone over the phone," he said.

When Mejia got out of his car to check on her around the corner he said the woman turned on him, first throwing a cup of bleach at him and then running into Mejia's car and taking off.

"I'm just telling her to stop, like, 'You don't have to do this. Just stop,'" he said.

Mejia is now without his job and his car.

He says Uber hasn't done anything to help him, despite its website saying that "every ride is insured."

In a statement Friday night, Uber said, "We reached out to Mr. Mejia as soon as we learned of this incident and are thankful to hear he is recovering from his injuries. We have permanently blocked this rider's access to Uber and are working with the authorities on their investigation."

Uber officials also said that ride-share drivers and riders on every trip are protected by uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.

"We have presented Mr. Mejia's claim to our insurer and are working with them closely on this matter," the statement said.

Mejia has a message for the woman who stole and hit him with his car.

"Karma," he said. "I hope they find you and when they do I'm going to be there and I 'm going to make sure that you get put where you belong."

The victim has set up a gofundme account.

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