‘This is Stupid': Driver Arrested on Suspicion of DUI After Crashing Dodge Challenger Into House

An emotional homeowner said he plans to rebuild the house, bought by his parents in 1950

A house that has part of Redlands family for generations was deemed unsafe to occupy Wednesday morning after a DUI suspect slammed into its kitchen and dining room.

The damage left 55-year-old Lee Hernandez, whose parents bought the house on Brockton Avenue in 1950, in tears. Hernandez was in the house with his 60-year-old sister and 87-year-old mother. 

"There are always car racing up and down," said Hernandez. "I heard tires screeching and metal crunching. The crunch kept going, it was unbelievable."

Debris was scattered around the property and the dining room was destroyed, but Hernandez said what mattered most is that his family members were not seriously injured. 

"I'm just grateful they're ok," he said.

Hernandez grew up in the house with four sisters. 

The crash was reported late Tuesday at the home near Clay Street and Brockton Avenue, according to officials. The Challenger jumped a curb and hit two fences before slamming into the house. 

A witness said it looked like the driver was racing against another car before the crash. Authorities said there is no evidence to confirm the driver, arrested on suspicion of DUI, was racing or traveling at high speed. 

Witnesses rushed to help people trapped in the wreckage after hearing the sounds of screeching tires and the crash. 

The Challenger ended up crashing through the kitchen and dining room. 

The house was red-tagged, meaning it's considered unsafe to occupy. Hernandez said he plans to rebuild the home.

Hernandez was asked about his thoughts regading the DUI suspect. 

"What can I say? He'll be on the streets before you know it," said Hernandez. "It's crazy. I don't know how to explain it.

"This is stupid. Look what he did. 

"Get somebody to drive you," said Hernandez. "Don't drink and drive. That's the bottom line.

Get somebody to drive you. Don't drink and drive. That's the bottom line."

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