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After Nearly 12 Hours and a Dr Pepper From Firefighters, Woman Comes Down From Tree

A woman believed to be under the influence of drugs climbed a large tree Monday and attracted a crowd of spectators

A woman came down from a tree after about 12 hours in Canoga Park after firefighters brought her a Happy Meal and Dr Pepper in a bizarre overnight standoff.

The woman, who was seen smoking an unknown substance while sitting atop of the 30-foot tree, decided to take the climb at approximately 7 p.m. in the 21800 block of West Lanark Street. She remained in the tree until about 7 a.m. Tuesday, when she climbed down.

The woman did not respond to questions as fire-rescue personnel escorted her from the scene. Several fire trucks were lining the street as she refused to leave Lanark Recreational Center near Topanga Canyon Boulevard. An inflatable device was placed under the tree in case the woman jumps or falls.

Firefighters brought her a Happy Meal, which she refused to eat, and a Dr Pepper that she requested during the hourslong standoff. Firefighters described her as not combative, but not cooperative.

"Our main concern is for her to physically not be injured," said Capt. Erik Scott. "We also want her to be taken care of mentally, in the event that she needs further help. We've re-established communication. We've built a nice rapport with her."

Police believe the woman is in her 30s and said she left behind a suitcase full of clothing. Witnesses said she spend several hours watching skateboarders at the park. She ran towards the tree and climbed after people approached her to ask if she was ok, according to witnesses.

"She was dressed pretty nice, she was painting her nails and feet," Darrell Gallow, a witness, said.

"I think she was intoxicated or on something," Rob Rosen, a witness said. "They were cutting branches so hopefully if she does come down, she lands in the bag."

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