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Residents in Apple Valley Deal With Aftermath

The rain is over, but some are only now dealing with the damage



    Residents in Apple Valley Deal With Aftermath
    Damaged Apple Valley Home

    In Apple Valley a three square block area of homes were heavily damaged during last week's flash floods. On Wednesday those homeowners are cleaning up the damage and they are asking the city for help.

    "It was flooded, it was like lakefront property. It was solid water from the road, all the way to the front door to the garage," according to Linda Gibson, Apple Valley resident and flash flood victim.

    And in a matter of minutes Linda Gibson's newly purchased house was ruined, leaving her daughters and grandchildren homeless in the storm.

    "The house was flooding through all the doors. The entire house was flooded out, the babies were running around. It came like a flash flood." said Linda Gibson, flash flood victim.

    Six days later Gibson's backyard still looks like a small pond. Even a earth-moving-skip-loader sits mired down in the muddy mess.

    Inside the home, floors, furniture and personal belongings were saturated in a foot of dirty rainwater. Damage is estimated at roughly $40-thousand dollars.

    "My children live here, it's a family home. I just bought it as a repo so I had no idea. There was nothing disclosed to me because of that. Now the neighbors have come to me and said this house had flooded previously."

    Her neighbor, Dan Lynch, also lives on Minnetonka Street. Storm runoff that didn't flood Gibson's home, seemed to find it's way into Lynch's living room.

    "The city has no maintained flood control on the roads, and it's backed up from four houses down and just came up the streets," according to Dan Lynch, flash flood victim.

    Because Lynch and Gibson bought foreclosed homes and had no specific flood insurance, the repair tab will be theirs.

    "I'm going to have to re-drywall, insulate. I've lost furniture. My couches are all sopping wet," said Dan Lynch, flash flood victim.

    At least three dozen residents have lined their property with sandbags and built dirt berms. Neighbors are now talking about banding together to file a claim against the city.

    Our calls to city hall have not been returned.