• behind the scenes Feb 27

    Up Close & Personal with the Soulful Eric Benét

    When singer-songwriter Eric Benét was married to Halle Berry, they were called the most beautiful couple on the planet. Having spent most of his career trying to protect his private life, he’s now at a point in life where he’s confident enough to revisit previous relationships and personal experiences that made him the person he is today in his new...

  • behind the scenes Feb 26

    Your Favorite Child Actors Are Now the New ‘Millennials'

    The world grew up watching child stars Kyle Massey, Philip Bolden, Aaron Grady, Keraun Harris, and Teresa Celeste. Now they’re all grown up and starring together as a close-knit group of friends in a new comedy sitcom ‘Millennials’ they jokingly describe as the black, modern-day version of ‘Friends’. Sometimes they have so much fun while filming on set they don’t...

  • behind the scenes Feb 24

    ‘Young Rock' Stars Portray Dwayne Johnson's Coming-of-Age Story

    Curious to know what Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was like before he became a superstar? The young actors behind NBC’s hit series ‘Young Rock’ Adrian Groulx, Bradley Constant, and Uli Latukefu—who portray Dwayne as a 10-year-old growing up in the 80’s, a 15-year-old trying to impress the ladies, and an 18-year-old in his college football days—are here to help us...

  • behind the scenes Feb 24

    Scott Evans Gives Us Access to Never-Before-Seen Celeb Interviews

    We can always rely on Scott Evans, co-host of NBC’s ‘Access Hollywood’, to give us the inside scoop on all the hottest Hollywood headlines. Dani got to sit down with him (in person!) to discuss the show’s podcast ‘The Vault’, which digs up never-before-seen footage of celebrity interviews throughout their careers, and his personal podcast ‘So Close with Scott Evans’....

  • behind the scenes Feb 23

    ‘Little Fires Everywhere' Lexi Underwood Wants More Representation On-Screen

    This girl is on fire! 17-year-old Lexi Underwood is already taking the world by storm with an NAACP Image Award nomination for her breakout performance in ‘Little Fires Everywhere’. She talks about how awards were never really in the picture when she first signed onto the project, but the outpouring of support she received from viewers really cemented the show’s...

  • behind the scenes Feb 23

    Kron Moore Films New Season of ‘The Oval' in “Camp Quarantine”

    Who’s ready for another season of murder and scandal in the White House on ‘The Oval’? Jess has got the fierce first lady herself, Kron Moore, dishing on what it was like filming inside Tyler Perry’s “camp quarantine” when resuming production for season two and the new season of her superhero series ‘Stargirl’.

  • behind the scenes Feb 20

    Lorraine Toussaint Brings a Mother's Perspective to BLM

    Most actors would be thrilled to have one hit show, but Lorraine Toussaint likes to stay busy! She’s playing Queen Latifah’s young aunt (emphasis on young!) and reuniting with her ‘Law & Order’ co-star Chris Noth in their new series ‘The Equalizer’. It feels like an entirely new world for her since the pandemic started, but she’s done her part...

  • behind the scenes Feb 17

    ‘Cowboys' Sheds Light On a Trans Child's Struggle for Acceptance

    ‘Cowboys’ is a moving film that follows a father who’s on the run in the Montana wilderness with his transgender son because his mother doesn’t accept him. Writer/director Anna Kerrigan joins Jess alongside actors Jillian Bell, Steve Zahn, and newcomer Sasha Knight to discuss the inspiration for this moving project and its powerful message.

  • behind the scenes Feb 16

    Young Reyn Doi Hits a High Note in New Comedy with Kristen Wiig

    Young child actor Reyn Doi is giving comedic legends Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumulo a run for their money as the hilarious breakout star in ‘Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar’. Now he’s dishing on what it was like working with such heavy hitters in Hollywood, why he decided he wanted to be an actor at such a...

  • behind the scenes Feb 8

    How Shaunie O'Neal Juggles Both Producing & Starring in ‘Basketball Wives'

    They say that behind every great man, is a great woman. But as a successful businesswoman and mother of five, Shaunie O’Neal is a boss role model who clearly needs no backup. She’s dishing on what it’s like watching her kids grow into young adults with ex-husband Shaq and being occasionally called out on playing ‘favoritism’ as she juggles her...

  • behind the scenes Feb 4

    How Rising Star Kyle Allen Went From Ballet to the Big Screen

    Remember the movie ‘Groundhog Day’? Well now there’s a modern spin on this classic film starring a California kid who got his start in ballet and is now on the big screen. Rising star Kyle Allen joins Dani to talk about how he went from ballet dancing to street dancing and then acting. He was clearly born to perform and...

  • behind the scenes Feb 2

    Why Leah Remini's New Game Show Came at the Right Time

    Emmy-award winning actress and host Leah Remini is bold and fearless. But exposing the caustic and evil nature of Scientology in her latest podcast isn’t easy on the soul, which is why she’s letting loose as the host of the fun new game show ‘People Puzzler’. She talks about why hosting the show was an immediate “yes” for her and...

  • Jessica Vilchis Jan 30

    Meet the Man Behind the Mohawk: ‘Cobra Kai's Jacob Bertrand

    How long does it take to create Hawk’s epic mohawk from Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’? Jess recently caught up with Jacob Bertrand to find out what it takes to play fan-favorite Hawk and how surreal it is for him to be working with the OG’s of ‘The Karate Kid’ having grown up watching the movies.

  • today show Jan 30

    Al Roker Opens Up About Recent Cancer Scare

    The forecast at California Live is warm and sunny thanks to America’s favorite weatherman, Al Roker! Lately, his life hasn’t been all sunshine and clear skies, as he opens up about his private battle with prostate cancer and updates us on his current health. He also gives us a crash course on the power of saying “yes!” from his new...

  • behind the scenes Jan 27

    Frank Stallone Steps Into the Spotlight in New Documentary

    Frank Stallone has always lived in the shadow of his brother, Sylvester, but did you know he’s a talented actor, musician, and boxer in his own right? Now he’s getting the spotlight he deserves in a new documentary called ‘Stallone: Frank, That Is’ about his long-standing career and life story as told by some famous Hollywood figures that know him...

  • behind the scenes Jan 26

    Mike Rowe Tries to Answer the Impossible in New Show

    How can a mouse trap cure your hangover? How can a horseshoe help you find your soulmate? Get the answers to these ridiculous questions and more on ‘Six Degrees with Mike Rowe’ on Discovery+. Former host of ‘Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe reunites with his long-time friend Malou to discuss his new “history show for people who would never watch a...

  • behind the scenes Jan 23

    The Stars of ‘No Man's Land' Break Stereotypes at the Border

    The king of comedy George Lopez is pushing the envelope in a new role that will have you on the edge of your seat. Now he’s joining us to talk about the new thriller ‘No Man’s Land’ along with fellow co-stars Frank Grillo and Jake Allyn, who also wrote the film. Part of the film is about breaking stereotypes, so...

  • behind the scenes Jan 23

    Laila Odom Pays Homage to Hip-Hop Icons Salt ‘N' Pepa

    Salt ‘N’ Pepa’s here to “push it real good” in a brand-new biopic on Lifetime! Actress and producer Laila Odom joins Dani to talk about the responsibility of playing these female pioneers of hip hop, what it was like having the real Salt ‘N’ Pepa on set, and why it’s important to pay homage to this group for paving the...

  • behind the scenes Jan 22

    Lil' Kim Recounts Stories of Notorious Trap Queens

    Rap icon Lil’ Kim has overcome some serious obstacles in her lifetime, but she’s as fierce as ever. Now she’s singing a different tune as the narrator on Season 2 of ‘American Gangster: Trap Queens’ on BET+, which covers the stories of notorious female criminals who are survivors in their own right. Find out why she identifies with these strong...

  • behind the scenes Jan 19

    The Stars of One Chicago Have Aligned

    If you’re a fan of ‘Chicago P.D.’, ‘Chicago Fire’, and ‘Chicago Med’ then you’ve hit the trifecta. The Windy City has blown into Hollywood as Jason Beghe, Marlynne Barrett, and Alberto Rosende join us to discuss what’s to come for each of their respective shows. We’re all one big, happy family over here!

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