• healthy food Feb 27

    Chomp On This: Guilt-Free Nachos

    Nachos don’t have to be loaded in calories and fat! Amber Pfister chats with Chef Jamie Gwen about how to make healthy nachos – with a Mediterranean twist!
    Chef Jamie Gwen is a paid spokesperson for Ralphs.

  • health and beauty Feb 27

    Protect Your Skin Post-Beach All Year Long

    It’s one of our last warm weekends of the fall but that doesn’t mean we should stop protecting our skin. The sun is a fierce influence on our largest organ, regardless of the season, so having the most protective products is always helpful. Beauty expert Liz Kennedy shares her favorite collection of post beach “must-haves.”...
    Liz Kennedy is a paid spokesperson...

  • health and beauty Feb 27

    Best Skin Products for Fall Transition

    Just because you live in California doesn’t mean your skin doesn’t feel its mild seasonal changes. Beauty expert Liz Kennedy shares her round up of the best products for prepping your skin for chilly fall and winter weather. From night cream to body oils, she’s got you covered. Bonus, everything is affordable....
    Liz Kennedy is a paid spokesperson for RoC...

  • work from home Feb 27

    Work-From-Home Beauty Fixes!

    Self-care can be a challenge as we continue to work from home but beauty expert Milly Almodovar has some beauty fixes on a budget.
    Milly Almodovar is a paid spokesperson for 7th Heaven and GoodHabit.

  • foodie Feb 26

    Fall Apple Cider Braised Chicken Recipe

    Fall is here and you can taste all the best flavors of the season in this comforting one-pan recipe. Chef Jamie Gwen shows Amber how to make this delectable weeknight dinner that’s rich with fall apple flavor and sure to warm you up. Watch and get the recipe.
    Chef Jamie Gwen is a paid spokesperson for Ralphs.

  • sweet tooth Feb 26

    Guilt-Free Frozen Yogurt Fruit Bark Recipe

    Welcome to your new guilt-free addiction: frozen yogurt fruit bark. Chef Jamie Gwen shows us how to make this perfect after-school or anytime snack including the best yogurt ingredients, sugar substitutes, and how to make it your own. Watch and get the recipe.
    Chef Jamie Gwen is a paid spokesperson for Ralphs.

  • food for kids Feb 26

    How to Make a Kid-Friendly Calzone

    With fall approaching, a warm calzone—essentially a double-crusted pizza—is a total crowd pleaser. Chef Jamie Gwen shares a calzone recipe, made with an air fryer, that kids will love and, let’s face it, you’ll eat too.
    Chef Jamie Gwen is a paid spokesperson for Ralphs.

  • foodie Feb 26

    Get Healthy – Seasonal Produce Guide

    Before summer’s over, check out the best of fruits and veggies available! Amber Pfister gets some tips from Chef Jamie Gwen.
    Chef Jamie Gwen is a paid spokesperson for Ralphs.

  • bbq season Feb 26

    Become Your Own Grillmaster

    From the perfect crisscross grill marks on your steak to using your grill as a natural mosquito repellent, Amber Pfister learns all the tricks from Chef Jamie Gwen.
    Chef Jamie Gwen is a paid spokesperson for Ralphs.

  • campfire treats Feb 26

    Roast Up Some Campfire Cupcakes at Home!

    Most of us have had roasted s’mores around the campfire but Chef Jamie Gwen is kicking it up a notch! She shows Amber Pfister how to make campfire cupcakes.
    Chef Jamie Gwen is a paid spokesperson for Ralphs.

  • bbq season Feb 26

    Grill Up A Cadillac Hot Dog!

    Why have a regular hot dog when you can get fancy and turn it into a Cadillac Dog! Amber Pfister gets the grilling goodness from Chef Jamie Gwen.
    Chef Jamie Gwen is a paid spokesperson for Ralphs.

  • halloween activities Feb 25

    5 Halloween DIY Crafts That Could Save Your Halloween

    Since you have to “stay in” this Halloween, getting really creative with the fam could save the holiday. Lifestyle expert Amy Goodman shares five festive and easy-to-do DIY ideas including crafts, costumes, and more. Amy E. Goodman is a paid spokesperson for Hershey’s.

  • young filmmaker Nov 18, 2020

    King Vader Hopes to “Dominate the Film Industry, but in a Good Way”

    Social media can be tricky to navigate but not for talented young filmmaker Dominique Barrett, a.k.a ‘King Vader’. Since showcasing his videos on YouTube and other social media platforms, he’s built a buzz that’s capturing the attention of major networks. Listen as he shares what’s next in his inspiring career.

  • holidays during covid Nov 18, 2020

    Kristin Chenoweth's Secret for Easy Holiday Entertaining

    Kristin Chenoweth has been quite the busy lady this past year! She catches Jess up on what she’s been up to, including a new reality cooking competition show called ‘Candy Land’ she’s hosting on Food Network. While she may not be a cook, she still happens to be the queen of DIY and has a few secrets up her sleeve...

  • foodie Nov 18, 2020

    Dine Al Fresco at This New Open-Air Bistro

    If you’re looking for all the fixings for a great brunch, look no further. Porta Via, which originally opened in Beverly Hills 26 years ago, is now in its newest location in Calabasas and boasts a beautiful open-air setting where you wine and dine al fresco. Watch as Amber tours the space and samples a few juices and menu items,...

  • relationships Nov 18, 2020

    Meet Your Soulmate Online With These Proven Tips

    Setting the intention to meet your partner in life is arguably the most important goal, but it’s not easy. Jeanne Sullivan Billeci, soulmate coach and author of “Be the Soulmate You Want to Attract,” gives tips on how to market yourself online authentically. She says it takes being brave about your agenda, believing in a surplus of good partners, and...

  • California Live Nov 18, 2020

    Brisket, Slaw, & Fixins: The Best BBQ in San Diego

    Forgive us for using this phrase but this BBQ is “finger-licking good.” Hidden in East County, San Diego is some of the best BBQ you’ll ever have (Amber gave her stamp of approval). Grand Ole BBQ serves up authentic southern BBQ, Topo Chico margaritas, and live country music in an open ambiance that will transport you to the Texas outdoors....

  • California Live Nov 18, 2020

    Host Ross Thomas Eats Oaxacan Grasshoppers

    “Chapulines” or spanish for “grasshoppers” is not considered a unique dish on the Mezcal restaurant’s menu but rather a normal part of their dish mix (check out all the unexpected ways you can eat these crunchy little bugs). Mezcal, based in San Jose, is run by two brothers and features traditional Oaxacan dishes and ingredients passed down from their mother...

  • foodie Nov 18, 2020

    Enjoy Steaming Ice Cream Made Right in Front of Your Eyes

    You’re not imagining it, this ice cream is steaming. Watch Crustacean’s chef make their signature dessert dish right at the table using the magical ingredient of liquid nitrogen. Good news is, you can try it for yourself at this beautiful Beverly Hills asian fusion restaurant—now open with safe COVID protocols in place.

  • foodie Nov 18, 2020

    Best Crab on the Planet? Check Out Beverly Hills' Crustacean

    Many claim that Crustacean serves up crab you can’t find anywhere else (not to mention, the garlic noodles are also crowd pleaser). Our Danielle Nottingham decides to check it out for herself and tastes this staple’s most innovative dishes—from steaming tuna cigars to smoking ice cream—and finds out how the restaurant keeps the environment safe yet beautiful during...

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