• catching up 2 hours ago

    Hoda Kotb's Positive Outlook Is Contagious

    Lately, the tension in the air is palpable. From pandemic to politics, it seems like heavy topics are coming at us from every angle and Hoda Kotb is tired of it so she turned to quotes as a helpful tool for when her mind starts to spin. Try this one on for size: “It’s hard to hate up close.” Watch...

  • behind the music 2 hours ago

    Jazz Star Dave Koz' New Album Honors New Yorker Resilience

    If you haven’t seen him, you’ve heard him. Saxophonist Dave Koz’ music has been filling the homes of America for years. He’s now just released his first album in 20 years that was virtually recorded at the onset of the pandemic in New York City. Plus, watch and enjoy a live concert of a classic favorite.

  • wedding 2 hours ago

    Hey Brides, You Can Still Honor Your Wedding During a Pandemic

    Life may feel like it’s on hold right now but love is still in the air. Celebrity and bridal stylist Micaela Erlanger offers relief to brides everywhere as she shares logistical and emotional tips on how to make your wedding special. Because pandemic or not, people are still getting married.

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    Recipe: Top Ramen with Bacon Parmesan Broth

    It’s officially the fall which means chilly weather and warm food cravings are in full swing. The infamous Top Ramen noodles will always hit the spot whether to quickly curb hunger, calm the stomach, or inspire homey nostalgia.

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  • Halloween 3 hours ago

    How to Completely Ditch the Candy This Halloween

    Want to avoid your kids’ sugar crash? Nutritionist Dr. Nicole Avena says we can all be celebrating a candy-free Halloween. It may sound hard to believe but she’s got us convinced with her candy alternatives, healthier hosting staples, and more.

  • California Live 23 hours ago

    Top Ramen with Bacon Parmesan Broth? Yes, Please.

    It’s officially the fall, which means chilly weather and warm food cravings are in full swing. The infamous Top Ramen noodles will always hit the spot whether to quickly curb hunger, calm the stomach, or inspire homey nostalgia. To further up the ante, Top Chef All-Star Melissa King shows us how to combine this American staple with two more...

  • dog training Oct 21

    Quarantined Dog Won't Stop Barking? Call Bark Busters

    One clear silver lining of the pandemic is the uptick in animal adoptions. That said, a lot of new animal owners are dealing with anxious quarantined dogs, barking for hours. Watch how Bark Busters, a company offering a much needed service, can train your dog to communicate without the “yips” and “woofs.”

  • California Live Oct 21

    Why Paul Reiser Couldn't Cast a Johnny Carson in New Comedy Series

    Like most of us, writer and comedian Paul Reiser has a deep affinity for Johnny Carson. Which is why he refused to have anyone else play Carson in Peacock’s upcoming comedy series “There’s Johnny!” so the show uses real historical clips. Reiser shares the importance of getting the show right. “It’s about NBC, it’s about the golden age of the...

  • Music Therapy Oct 21

    Band Plays Live Music for Lonely Animals at Oakland Zoo

    When the Oakland Zoo temporarily shut down due to COVID, a local Bay Area bluegrass band saw an opportunity to give the animals some company. Dirty Cello plays live concerts for bears, birds, goats, and more. While some animals were not amused others rocked out—see for yourself.

  • foodie Oct 21

    How to Make a Vegan Crunch Wrap

    Who needs fast food when you can create the healthier, guilt-free version at home? “Big Brother’s” Angela Rummans shows us how to make a vegan crunch wrap with all the best satiating ingredients. Watch to get the recipe or check out her new cookbook “Angela’s Plant-Based Kitchen.”

  • Red Table Talk Oct 20

    Gloria Estefan Gets Real on Life, Pain, and Relationships

    The one and only Gloria Estefan is getting vulnerable. She talks to us about her new show “Red Table Talk” which features her family having raw conversations about life in an effort to humanize common issues we all struggle with, even the fabulous Gloria. “You can’t fake real,” she says. “That is the main reason we wanted to do this...

  • foodie Oct 20

    This Gorgeous Brand New Portside Restaurant Is a Must-Do

    After five years of planning, San Diego has opened a quintessential portside restaurant. The Brigantine, originally founded in 1969, now sits on the water with sweeping marina views and features San Diego-style surf and turf and craft beers. Though unplanned, The Brigantine is uniquely fit for COVID-safe dining with its 4,200 square-foot structure and flowing sea breeze.

  • behind the scenes Oct 20

    Hamza Haq on How ‘Transplant' Is Inspiring Inclusivity

    Hamza Haq is the lead on one of the most diverse TV series of our time, NBC’s “Transplant.” He talks to us about his character, behind the scenes medical training, and how the diversity of the show rings true to what America needs right now. “Representation matters and it’s cool to be part of a show that takes that seriously.”...

  • beauty tips Oct 20

    How to Keep Your Lipstick Off Your Mask and On Your Lips

    Beauty influencer Mikaela South shows us how to apply lipstick so it doesn’t stick to your mask. All you need is tissue and an eye shadow brush and you can save yourself from wasting lipstick and extra laundry. She says the key to keeping lipstick off your mask is keeping it matte.

  • baby bump Oct 19

    Amber's Bump Is Out of the Bag

    CA Live has a new baby on the way! Watch host Amber Pfister get a little celebration surprise by her colleagues and friends, Danielle Nottingham and Vicki Johnson. The ladies talk about Amber’s new bump and the remarkable journey it was for her to become pregnant. Amber shares words of encouragement for all those soon-to-be mamas out there struggling to...

  • behind the scenes Oct 19

    ‘DWTS' Derek Hough Is Getting Back on the Dance Floor

    You know him from his spicy Latin and ballroom dance moves on “Dancing With the Stars,” now professional dancer and choreographer Derek Hough is sitting in the judge’s seat on ABC’s hit show. He talks to us about unexpected live television moments and reveals his plan for getting back out on the dance floor.

  • Gangsta Gardener Oct 19

    The Gangsta Gardener Has a Lesson for You

    He calls himself the “Gangsta Gardener” because to him, nothing is more “gangsta” than air and soil which gives life. Ron Finley saw a dire need for fresh fruits and vegetables in his South Los Angeles neighborhood, now years later he has started several impactful organizations to educate communities on their most valuable asset—the ability to grow your own food....

  • halloween activities Oct 19

    Pick Our Own Sunflowers in an Open Field? Sign Us Up

    We’re all looking for ways to celebrate fall with our families. Swank Family Farms, located in Hollister, Ca., is the perfect outdoor adventure offering over four acres of sunflower fields (you can even pick your own sunflowers), corn mazes, a Halloween-themed trail of lights, and much more happy fall escapes.

  • California Live Oct 19

    Oh My Gourd. Check Out This Easy Recipe for Pumpkin Pie

    The Three Babes Bake Shop came up with the perfect fix—an all-you-need pumpkin pie baking kit which comes with pre-measured organic ingredients and easy instructions. You can also gather ingredients on your own, either way, we still consider it “homemade.”

  • concerts in your car Oct 17

    John Stamos Has Joined The Beach Boys

    There’s nothing like 60s music to transport you to a happy place. The Beach Boys are bringing it back to us with a new pandemic-inspired song, “This too Shall Pass,” with nods to their known beats and lyrics. Now, they are on tour with John Stamos as their newest band member.

  • health and beauty Oct 17

    Simple Skin Routine That Will Make You Look and Feel Good

    During quarantine, looking and feeling our best can go a long way. Neda Mehr, founder of Pure Dermatology Cosmetics, tells us about simple clean beauty products that hit on all skin ailments—aging, acne, dark spots, and more. She even sourced the highest antioxidant-rich fermented green tea to put inside the cleanser.

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