• Riverside County Jul 7

    Riverside County Residents With Unpaid Trash Collection Debts Ordered to Pay Up by July 24

    Riverside County supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to impose special assessments totaling $2.86 million on thousands of county residents’ property tax bills to collect unpaid trash collection debts. According to the Department of Environmental Health, roughly 6,000 residents in unincorporated communities owe the county’s four waste haulers for rubbish pickup and disposal services in 2019. Amounts in arrears range from just…

  • Debt May 11

    Almost Half of America Is Now Carrying Credit Card Debt, and More of It

    Nearly half (47%) of U.S. adults, or about 120 million people, currently have credit card debt, up from 43% reported in early March, according to a new report from  The sudden spike in credit card debt coincides with states issuing stay-at-home orders that have forced millions of businesses to shutter. Alarmingly, 23% of credit card debtors have added to their...

  • Debt May 7

    What Is a Good Reason for a Personal Loan?

    Unsecured personal loans can pay for almost anything. Their flexibility makes them easy to turn to when you want to consolidate your debts or put in that kitchen island. But first assessing all your financing options can save you money. As the economy shifts, so will the way a personal loan fits into your plans. Right now, for example, the…

  • coronavirus May 5

    Here's How Credit Card Lenders Reduce Risk, and What You Can Do

    Nearly 60% of consumers carried credit card debt before coronavirus and now, with sky-high unemployment, that number is only expected to rise. Banks are getting nervous about credit card lending and they’re starting to cut back, according to industry experts.  “For a lot of people a credit card is an emergency fund of sorts,” said Ted Rossman, credit card...

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