voting rights

  • 2020 Elections Mar 6

    Fla. Woman Accused of Changing Voters’ Party Affiliation From Dem to GOP

    Authorities say a 63-year-old central Florida woman is accused of submitting false voter registration information that switched the party affiliations of voters without their knowledge. Sheriff’s investigators say Cheryl A. Hall turned herself in to Lake County authorities Thursday.

  • Democrats Dec 28, 2019

    Coming Battle Over Gerrymandering Will Be Bigger Than Ever: NBC News

    The gerrymandering wars are heading South, NBC News reports. A number of Southern states, including Texas, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, are prime targets for partisan gerrymandering as the congressional redistricting process gets underway after next year’s statehouse elections, experts said. “Many of the states that had the really aggressive gerrymanders the last time — Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin —…

  • voting rights Dec 16, 2019

    Federal Judge Puts Pause on Georgia Voter Roll Purges

    A federal judge on Monday put a pause on Georgia’s planned mass purge of its voting rolls, following an emergency request from a voting rights group founded by Democrat Stacey Abrams. U.S. District Judge Steve Jones said in his order that the state should “maintain the status quo.” The motion was filed by Fair Fight Action in U.S. District Court,...

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