A Drive-In for Indie Flicks Will Open in Hollywood

The new Arena Cinelounge Drive-In will pop up behind The Egyptian Theatre; look for arthouse flicks, classic fare, and awards-season contenders on the outdoor screen.

Arena CineLounge Sunset

What to Know

  • Opening Dec. 1, 2020
  • Located behind The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood (1625 N. Las Palmas Avenue)
  • $40 per vehicle (1-5 people)

Opportunities to spread some snacks on the dash, and wear your comfiest pants, and watch a warm and winning film through your windshield?

A windshield, we'll guess, that you freshly washed for the cinematic occasion?

They've seriously sprouted, cinematically, across Southern California over the summer and fall of 2020.

Which means you may have already revisited a blockbuster from your teen years, or a horror film before Halloween, or another starry classic you dearly love.

Now, a cool new contender is entering the drive-in theater scene, and it is setting up the alfresco screen behind a Tinseltown landmark: The Egyptian Theatre.

Arena Cinelounge Sunset is at the helm of this under-the-stars enterprise, which debuts on Dec. 1, 2020.

And if you know the acclaimed arthouse, which has championed an exciting line-up of independent, genre, and avant garde works since its founding in 2012, you know the surprise-filled slate is going to be fresh, future-looking, and fairly funky, too.

"Our aim is to bring the same bespoke charisma Arena Cinelounge is known for as an independent theater to the Drive-In experience," said owner Christian Meoli.

"We're excited to be exhibiting and curating again and look forward to continuing to offer audiences new, classic and culturally relevant content."

This means you'll have the opportunity to catch some movies that will be considered for the big film awards in the months to come, or a more vintage documentary like "The Weather Underground" from 2002 (that's on the upcoming roster).

"Breach" starring Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane is also ahead, as is "Wander," starring Aaron Eckhart.

Art installations will add to the atmosphere, while DJ Lino Meoli will helm laser light shows.

And the cinema's popular popcorn will be sold, including the brand-new flavor inspired by Australia BBQ.

Safety policies? You'll want to review them all before purchasing the $40 admission for your car (which covers one to five movie goers). And please make sure to have your face covering in place should you need to leave your car.

The new drive-in will be open nightly, and advance tickets? You'll definitely want to get yours before turning your vehicle towards the heart of Hollywood and our city's newest experience, which combines cars and the avant garde.

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