A Gooey-Good Deal for National Cheese Pizza Day

D'Amore's is offering two-buck cheese slices and half-off cheese pizzas, yum and yum.

What to Know

  • Wednesday, Sept. 5
  • D'Amores Pizza
  • $2 cheese slices and half-off whole cheese pizzas

You can probably, at some point, convince your pal, the one who only likes mushrooms on her pizza, to try bell peppers or olives alongside her favorite fungi.

And your friend who digs sausage? Suggesting that he add pepperoni slices isn't too much of a meaty leap.

But cheese pizza-ists aren't having any of that, nope and nope.

There is beauty in simplicity, majesty in minimalism, and stacking on any topping that disrupts the dough-sauce-cheese triangle is an errand best left unrun, they'd surely say.

People who like a topping-less pizza, in fact, would persuasively argue that cheese is the ultimate topping, and to that there is no quibble: Cheese-less pizzas do exist, but the majority of pies in this universe are well-mozzarella'd.

Enter National Cheese Pizza Day, which spins through the air, like a floury disc of hand-tossed dough, every early September.

September 5, in fact, is the date, which is kind of perfect, given the back-to-school take-out meals families often seek during these hectic first weeks, and the college dorm order-in scene, a scene that has been known to involve a cheese pizza or six.

D'Amore's Pizza wants to honor this major marinara-meets-mozzy occasion with not one but two Sept. 5 deals: You can score a slice of cheese pizza at area D'Amore's for two bucks and you can buy a whole cheese pizza and pay half the usual price.

Find your local D'Amores in Malibu, Thousand Oaks, and several other Southern California spots on National Cheese Pizza Day and enjoy the savings.

And find your cheese pizza-obsessed pals and tell them you finally get it, that a streamlined savory delight, one that really has three main components, is a stupendously straightforward supping experience.

After, a pizza slice has three points, while the dough, sauce, and cheese of a simple cheese pizza boasts a trio of components.

Is there correlation here? A connection? Some important cosmic relationship that science has left unscienced?

Happy National Cheese Pizza Day, pie people, wherever you may raise an unfussy, topping-lite, utterly delish slice.

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