A ‘Magic'-Packed Parade Dances Back to Disneyland Park

The colorful, characterful "Magic Happens" debuted in early 2020; now the playful procession will again wend through The Happiest Place on Earth.

Todd Wawrychuk/Disneyland Resort

What to Know

  • "Magic Happens" parade at Disneyland Park
  • The parade, which debuted in early 2020, will return to the Anaheim theme park on Feb. 24, 2023
  • Included with park admission; reservations are also required

Disneyland park is well-known for its memory-fueled, enchantment-strong bringbacks, those time-honored but limited-time attractions, overlays, snacks, and extravaganzas that we once knew or wished we could have experienced.

But when exactly a bringback will be brought back is always a bit of a delightful mystery.

The Main Street Electrical Parade returned for a limited engagement earlier in 2022, all to celebrate its 50th anniversary, and holiday happenings? We can count on tried-and-true traditions to add cheer to the Anaheim theme park every fall and early winter.

The bringback being brought back in late February 2023 is something rather special, however: It's a razzmatazz-y parade that began its brief run just a few weeks into 2020.

photo: Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort

The parade was put on pause when Disneyland temporarily closed in March of that year, a response to pandemic measures. Now "Magic Happens" is again ready to make magic happen at The Happiest Place on Earth beginning on Feb. 24, 2023.

Icons from both Walt Disney Pictures films — Moana sails down Main Street U.S.A. on the bow of her beautiful boat while Merlin makes a whimsically wizardly cameo — and Pixar Animation Studios gems — Pepita from "Coco" is a powerful presence in the parade — are featured in the on-the-move spectacular.

The "Frozen 2" entry has oodles of leafy, autumnal charm, and, of course, the presence of a snowy peak.

As for the merry maestro of the mondo to-do? Mickey Mouse is at the ensorcelled helm of the upbeat happening. He's rocking an updated "Sorceror's Apprentice" look, too, with purples and blues swirling through his eye-catching ensemble and conical hat.

And the dancers along the route, twirling to a medley of upbeat music? They, too, are attired in bright costumes, complementing Mickey's purple-to-blue hues.

How to see "Magic Happens" when it returns in late February? You will need a ticket to Disneyland park, and a reservation, too, to savor a bringback spectacle that's being brought back to make more magic.

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