A Marionette Will Deliver Ice Cream to Your Door

The Bob Baker Marionette Theater team has creamily concocted the coolest way to raise fun funds.

Bob Baker Marionette Theater

What to Know

  • Join the theater's Patreon at the Puppet Wise level
  • $50 a month
  • Several exclusives, a monthly Zoom puppet show, and a one-time marionette-helmed ice cream delivery to your home

Putting the "fun" in fundraiser?

It shouldn't surprise anyone that such a notion has been challenging for our city's most treasured cultural institutions during the time of the pandemic.

But plucky and inspirational as ever, Southern California's theaters, movie houses, museums, and galleries have continued to seek ways to connect with fans, all while keeping an eye on safety and social distancing.

The imagination-rich team behind the Bob Baker Marionette Theater in Highland Park may have come up with the tastiest way to build a bridge during this unusual chapter in our history, and it is certainly one your kids will likely remember, well, forever.

For it isn't every day that an actual marionette shows up at our home, all to deliver a colorful and cold confection.

But that can happen if you join the historic theater's Patreon at the Puppet Wise level. That's $50 a month, and it offers a host of happy experiences, from a once-a-month ticket for a puppet show (on Zoom, yep) to exclusive videos and content.

And wait for it, or maybe don't: You'll receive a one-time delivery of ice cream, to your home. But this is no mere sweet-of-tooth stop-by, for a real marionette will be be present for the physically distanced hand-off.

A few things to know about this cheerful house call?

The delivery radius is 25 miles from the theater, which is located at 4949 York Boulevard in Highland Park.

And if you and your family aren't ice cream eaters, don't fret, for a "non-dairy sweet treat" can be substituted.

There are several levels of membership support for the theater, do note, and they start at a dollar a month.

Take a look now, and see what each level offers, puppet patrons. If you want that at-home ice cream stop-by, be sure to choose the Puppet Wise or Heart Strings level of support.

Helping those go-to places that gladden our spirits and lift our outlooks?

You can do so now. And if you pick the level where a puppet pops by your pad, will you and your kids ever forget it? It may be one of those merry memories that sticks around for years to come.

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