This Local Landmark Says ‘Anything Can Be a Puppet'

The Bob Baker Marionette Theater has several charming videos, all to prompt at-home, kid-cute creativity. They're free, too.

Bob Baker Marionette Theater

What to Know

  • A six-part series on puppet history and making your own puppet
  • Free
  • The Bob Baker Marionette Theater is temporarily closed

If you've ever made the pepper grinder talk to your kid at the dinner table, or you've given a lunch sack the ability to speak, or you've created an impromptu character out of a cloth potholder, then you know what we're about to state is as true as a marionette is merry: Anything can be a puppet.

That's what the imaginative team at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater believes, and rightly so: The history-rich troupe, which made the jump from its downtown-close location to Highland Park in 2019, has been making amazing and memorable puppets, from scratch, for well over a half century.

And the theater wants to inspire kids create their own ready-to-talk, eager-to-dance characters at home.

Leading the way?

Bobo, a sweet puppet, and Miss Missy, an awesome human. This delightful duo has teamed up to provide "glittery guidance" on the following festive topic: "Anything Can Be a Puppet!"

There will be six videos in all in the series, but you can check out the first few now, for free, on the Bob Baker Marionette Theater site.

LAUSD is a partner on the charming series, which began earlier in July. All videos are available to watch at any time, and no subscription or sign-up is required.

Will Miss Missy break out the glue, markers, and sticky tape along the way, all to give puppet-loving youngsters at home some easy prompts on their puppet-making journeys?

Count on it, puppet peeps.

We look forward to that day in the future when the theater again reopens, and its whimsical productions are giving tots in the audience memories aplenty.

But those tots can get a happy head start on their own artistic dreams, over the summer of 2020, as they discover, from home, that "Anything Can Be a Puppet!"

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