Veterans Day

A Nine-Story Ferris Wheel Flag Will Wave on Veterans Day

The Pacific Wheel, located in Santa Monica Pier's Pacific Park, will light up in red, white, and blue on Nov. 11.


What to Know

  • Wednesday, Nov. 11
  • Sunset (so a few minutes before 5 p.m.) to midnight
  • Free to see in person or via the Pacific Park webcam

Finding a flag on Veterans Day?

That's absolutely going to happen.

For the stirring symbol of the annual occasion is regularly flown in front of thousands of homes, storefronts, and destinations on Nov. 11, each and every year.

But encountering an epic flag, one that stands at some nine stories and is lit by 174,000 LED lights, is an experience that doesn't come along all that often, to put it lightly.

It will, though, in Santa Monica on Wednesday, Nov. 11.

For the people behind Pacific Park, which is home to the world-famous Pacific Wheel, will pause to thank our veterans via a bright and beautiful light show.

The glittering displays will begin at sunset, so be sure to check in on the Pacific Wheel's dedicated webcam at around 4:52 p.m. on Nov. 11 to see the start of the patriotic presentation.

Or, yes, if you're in the vicinity of Santa Monica Pier, turn your attention to the enormous attraction, which rocks the special mantle of being the planet's first solar-powered Ferris wheel.

It's free to see, either on person or the webcam.

Santa Monica Pier is open to visitors, but the rides of Pacific Park remain temporarily closed.

Please do wear a face covering if you visit the pier on Veteran's Day or any other day.

Veterans Day, which was first known as Armistice Day, pays tribute those who have served in our nation's military.

To honor our veterans at this always momentous moment, the Pacific Wheel's hours-long light show will also feature the seals of the United States Armed Forces.

Viewing the sizable, brightly rendered seals from a distance should be quite easy, as the Pacific Wheel stands at 130 feet high. But do keep in mind that the whole happening will take place live on the webcam, if you'd like to make the attraction's moving salute part of your at-home commemoration.

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