A Pop-up Drive-in Series Celebrates Summer Fare

Street Food Cinema's limited-time happening is rolling for the Brandeis Bardin campus near Simi Valley.

Thomas Winz

What to Know

  • $20 per car, $8 per person (in car) (updated)
  • 101 Pepper Tree Ln, Brandeis, CA
  • Safety policies are in place, like mask-wearing outside your vehicle

Is it overly poetic to say that watching a drive-in film is sort of like soaking in cinema under the stars?

Technically, you're inside your car, so you're not directly under the sky, though watching stars begin to twinkle and glow, near an outdoor screen, is a pleasure known to any drive-in devotee who has ever gazed through a windshield.

If you're seeking more poetry these days, when it comes to your pastimes and pursuits, we understand that. But how to find the stars, the cinema, and a safety-minded, physically-distant way to enjoy an evening out with your family?

By looking to Brandeis, and the Brandeis Bardin campus, where a number of classic movies are set to screen in the style of a ye olde drive-in.

Street Food Cinema, that movie-obsessed outfit behind hundreds of alfresco SoCal screenings, has organized this cars-and-stars event, which will include films like "Moulin Rouge" and "Edward Scissorhands."

The group is also behind the pop-up drive-in happening at the Ontario International Airport.

Wherever you choose to settle into your front seat, with a bag o' snacks and your dearest/nearest, know this: Tickets have been selling out, so secure your vehicle's spot faster than it takes Vizzini to proclaim "inconceivable"!

Indeed, "The Princess Bride" is on the schedule, too.

You can check out some of the safety policies, like cars parking a space apart, in this Street Food Cinema post.

Oh yes, and as is tradition at Street Food Cinema gatherings: There shall be food trucks, a couple of 'em, if you forgot the aforementioned bag of snacks.

It's twenty bucks per car to enter, and you'll definitely need to book your entry in advance. Start here, drive-inners, for a new but vintage way to soak in the starlight and screenlight, all at once.

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