A Trove of Rabbit Treasures Finds a Home at The Bunny Museum

A Wisconsin family donated over a thousand pieces to the Altadena museum, all to honor the memory of a recently passed family member.

The Bunny Museum

What to Know

  • Altadena
  • The museum is temporarily closed, but you can see photos of some of the pieces online
  • The wonderland of bunny toys, artworks, and more has over 40,000 pieces in its collection

When you're a collector, and the pieces you've carefully and lovingly gathered over the years represent so much of who you are and what you enjoy, you hope that others, too, may feel some of the enchantment that your collection has given you over the decades.

It's a universally understood longing, to share what you love with other people.

And one Wisconsin family just did that on behalf of a beloved family member, by donating over a thousand rabbit-related items to Altadena's world-famous Bunny Museum.

The reason behind this family's notable and generous gift? The wish to honor the life and memory of Jane Haugh Ringesien, who passed away in May 2020.

Mrs. Ringesien not only cared for a sweet rabbit named Smokey, Pasadena Now recently revealed, but she owned an impressive collection of rabbit figurines and collectibles.

Those collectibles will soon delight the steady stream of visitors the museum has regularly received over its 22-year history. (The museum is temporarily closed.)

The Bunny Museum has been a quirky and buzzed-about bastion of hare-happy artifacts for over two decades now, regularly attracting both local visitors and camera crews from around the planet.

Formerly located in a private home in Pasadena, the bunny-laden spot "hopped" locations in 2017, moving to nearby Altadena.

Museum co-founders Candace Frazee and Steve Lubanski found a much roomier building for their ever-growing display, which found its sweet start when the couple began surprising each other with daily bunny-inspired gifts. (updated)

Now there are over 40,000 items in the furrily focused collection, including the sizable gift from the Wisconsin family.

Again, please note that the museum remains temporarily closed.

Be sure to hop by The Bunny Museum's social pages often for reopening news, and the chance to admire its beautiful bequeathment, a Wisconsin-to-California gift that brims with meaning, memory, and an enduring affection for animals.

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