All Aboard for an Irvine Park Railroad Ticket Flash Sale

The charming choo-choo will offer a great deal on ticket books that, oh sweet, never expire.

Irvine Park Railroad

What to Know

  • The family-cute railroad is located in Orange
  • The flash sale begins at 10 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 13
  • $60 for 15 "never expire" train tickets (a $90 value)

There are so many wonderful ways to move from Point A to Point B in Orange.

You can do so in an automobile, or on a bike, or by wearing a pair of sparkly roller skates with bells on the laces, if sparkly roller skates with bells on the laces are your particular thing.

Strolling or jogging? Those happen around the city, too, as does aquacycling, if you're eager to glide across the lovely lake at Irvine Regional Park.

But plenty of people call upon the community for the cheerful chance to ride a charming choo-choo, a kid-pleasing train that's been rolling along a set of tree-close tracks since 1996.

It's the Irvine Park Railroad we're choo-choosing to rhapsodize about, and with glad reason: The family-fun destination, which is especially popular around the Easter season, near Christmas, and during all of those pumpkin-y days near Halloween, is about to have a flash sale, starting at 10 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 13.

But not just any standard sale: When you buy a book of tickets, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that they'll never, ever expire.

Let's throw down another "ever" there, just to further drive the point across: never, ever, ever.

The cost for 15 tickets? It's $60 total, which is some solid savings, given that the value of the book is $90.

These are pretty much all-year-long tickets, too, with a few exceptions you'll want to peruse before purchase. For example? They can't be used for the Christmas Train, which has its own separate ticket.

Checking out any asterisks you'll want to know before going ahead with your ticket buy, is a solid plan.

And this fills our heart with hoppity happiness: When you purchase a ticket book, you'll be entered into an Easter-themed giveaway, one that includes ten Easter Eggstravaganza activity tickets and a pair of pictures with the Big Bunny himself.

A trio of winners will be "selected at random" and announced on Jan. 18. And this is extra hoppity: You'll snag a new giveaway entry for every book of train tickets you buy.

Choo-choo on, dear Irvine Park Railroad, one of the most whimsical ways to get around Orange or anywhere else, for that merry matter.

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