And the 2019 Rose Parade Theme Is…

"The Melody of Life" will ring forth on Tuesday, Jan. 1.

What to Know

  • Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2019
  • 130th Rose Parade Presented by Honda
  • Pasadena

Maybe your photographs, the ones you snapped during The 129th Rose Parade Presented by Honda, haven't been fully sorted yet.

Maybe the petal you tucked in your pocket, the one you found on the ground along Colorado Boulevard, hasn't yet made its way into your Rose Parade-themed scrapbook.

And, just perhaps, you haven't even watched the whole parade yet, which is still on your DVR, because you wanted to savor every last over-the-top bit.

Savoring the celebrated procession, which rolls grandly through Pasadena each New Year's Day, is an admirable wish, but here's the thing: The Tournament of Roses is already looking to 2019, as in the year that starts over 11 months from now, and, let's be honest, by "over" we mean 11 months and two weeks, ish.

For the 2019 theme for the Rose Parade has been chosen, and now announced, as of the evening of Thursday, Jan. 18. It's "The Melody of Life," which fits quite winningly with the tradition's long love of incorporating music into the big day, and before the day, too, at the beloved Bandfest.

That's right, 2019. As in a year before 2020. Just as we're all still getting used to writing 2018 on various pieces of paperwork.

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The colorful announcement poster trumpeting the theme rocks a sprightly retro look, with a saxophone and a globe offering festive counterpoints to the bold text. Piano keys, too, lend visual panache.

The reveal of next year's parade theme, which usually does arrive in January, isn't the only forward-looking task the Tournament of Roses organizers have in mind at the moment: A Prospective Member Reception for potential parade volunteers is just ahead on Tuesday, Jan. 30 and Thursday, Feb. 1.

Do note that "...there are more applicants than openings each year," but if you've ever dreamt of donning the famous white suit on New Year's Day, and assisting parade watchers as well as Tournament staffers in numerous ways, this could be your bright beginning.

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