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Angora Goats Are Snacking at (and Spiffying up) the OC Fair

Eighteen woolly wonders are munching on weeds found around the Pacific Amphitheatre's nearby berm.

OC Fair & Event Center

What to Know

  • OC Fair & Event Center
  • The goats aren't on view, but Centennial Farm reopened to the public on Nov. 3
  • Advance reservations are required at both Centennial Farm and Heroes Hall, which also reopened on Nov. 3

If you've called upon the OC Fair & Event Center in bygone days, you know you'll see all sorts of beasties.

Some of them will be snoozing, some of them will be cuddling, and every critter'll fill you and your family with a certain fuzzy-hearted joy.

But there are some animals at the Costa Mesa spread that are taking on a different task as autumn 2020 deepens: chomping on the weeds found around the berm near the Pacific Amphitheatre.

Eighteen Angora goats, residents of the Eureka Mohair Farm in Tollhouse, California, have called upon the hilly section of the center to snack their way around the weedy barrier.

Accompanying the peckish goats? Miniature donkeys, a pair of them. And these handsome equines have an important task: Watch after the herd, in addition to doing some scrubby snacking of their own.

"The berm is a challenging area for our landscaping crew and the goats are the perfect solution, but we do have some coyotes around the property so the two miniature donkeys will help protect the herd," said Barbara Gregerson, OC Fair & Event Center’s Landscape Supervisor.

"Not only will the goats and donkeys eat the vegetation, they will fertilize and break up the soil, preparing it for planting."

After the soil is on the up and up, the OC Fair & Event Center horticulture team is looking forward to creating and shepherding "... a diverse habitat of California native plants that invite birds, butterflies and other pollinators."

"The berm has been divided into quadrants where the animals will be rotated to evenly work the land," shared the team.

"In addition to the weeds and grasses on the berm, the goats will have shelter, water and supplemental feed to ensure they are getting a well-rounded diet. They will also receive regular veterinary care like the animals that reside year-round at nearby Centennial Farm."

If the name "Eureka Mohair Farm" rings a bell for you, then you may have observed OC Fair's famous livestock competitions in past years. The farm has been a regular on the fair's competitor circuit.

The farm's hard-working, super-adorable goats and donkeys will remain at the OC Fair & Event Center into December.

Two return engagements of the weed-chomping pros are planned for 2021, with the first occurring from March through to when the OC Fair opens in July.

Eager for some fair-furry sights? Centennial Farm reopened to visitors on Nov. 3, but keep in mind that you'll need advance reservations.

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