Annenberg Pool: Half-Priced Mondays

Seek out some cool-down splashing after a warm weekend.

Mondays, more than any other day of the week, are portrayed as the mopiest.

They're unabashedly picked on, gleefully groaned over, and, in some corners, fully questioned, as in the need for. There probably hasn't been a comic strip character yet that hasn't, at some point, wished Monday away, and we real life people often follow prickly suit.

But consider that Monday can be a day of resolve, and new starts, and after a weekend of pondering, those two days that give many people the space to ruminate, Monday often means positive action.

Here's one such positive action, if you felt done, done, done with the weekend heat wave: A day spent at the Annenberg Community Beach House Pool in Santa Monica. The beach-close swimming hole, which has historic ties to one of the area's most storied abodes, boasts loads of special events and happenings throughout the summer, but one of the nicest, surely, is this: half-priced Mondays.

Did that instantly unknot some of your Monday morning tangles? And if Monday is a workday for you, can you look to a future Monday, in late July or August, when the whole cubicle crew takes a few hours off for a team-building splash?

Note that Labor Day, being a holiday Monday, will have the regular rate of entry of ten bucks for adults, five for seniors, and four for youth.

As for passes? They go on sale at 9 in the morning. 

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If you prefer a wind-down-the-week kind of dip, consider a Sunset Swim, which takes place over a number of Friday evenings. They're not half-priced affairs, but they do give swimmers a chance to enter the weekend in a flowing, de-stress fashion.

Starting the week with discounted entry, ending it with a Sunset Swim? We're in the thick of summer, and its pummeling heat, but consider a stop by the Santa Monica landmark pool, or a city pool near you, to keep it way, way cool.

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