Aquarium Cute: Penguin Chick Webcam Debut

The baby, born to Magellanic penguins Roxy and Floyd, will move to the penguin habitat in August.

How do you like to greet the summer solstice?

Perhaps you woke at dawn, just to say hello to the sun. Perhaps you wore your breeziest get-up, the one that says we're currently passing through the doorway to the balmiest of seasons.

Or, just maybe, you kept your ear tuned to the animal world, to see what sort of celebratory news might further enhance a day that's long been known for nature-based festivities.

There's no maybes or perhapses about cooing over a weeks-old penguin chick, because you're going to do it, whether it is the summer solstice or not. But it is, as of this typing, and it just happens to be the day that the Aquarium of the Pacific revealed that a very new Magellanic penguin, born in May to beloved residents Roxy and Floyd, will soon make its webcam debut.

That heart-tugging debut will arrive just a few days after the solstice, on Friday, June 23, so hold onto your horses, or something more akin to penguins. Tailfeathers? Okay, hold onto those, for the on-camera, nursery-based adorableness is still to come.

And the in-public, before-your-eyes cute-a-tude is a few weeks out as of this typing, reveals the Long Beach aquatic destination. Baby Penguin Chick will make its fuzzy debut at the June Keyes Penguin Habitat, after leaving the nursery, at some point during August 2017. 

If penguin hatchery is one of your go-to party-smartie topics, then you know that a Magellanic penguin incubates "between thirty-eight and forty-three days," and fledging, or when it bids those downy feathers adieu, takes a few months. (This new chick'll fledge in August, timed to its grand public entrance.)

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Should you fall totes, head-over-tailfeathers in love with this wee, water-loving bird, which would be understandable, you can support the just-got-to-the-planet chick, and all of the Aquarium residents, via the Adopt an Animal program. 

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