Avocado Amazing: Guac Stop Pop-Up

Lick avo ice cream or try a custom-made guacamole, through Monday, July 31.

If you've ever hunkered over the better part of a cake, or put your arms covetously around a giant bowl of popcorn, and then playfully (but maybe semi-seriously) snarled at your friends "mine, all mine!" you best know, from the get-go, that you cannot do that to the entire Guac Stop.

Sure, you love the avocado-enticing, tomato-piquant, sour cream-pillowy dip, we get it. We all do, pretty much. Facts are facts.

But throwing your arms across the pop-up Wholly Guacamole stand, which will be at The Americana at Brand through Monday, July 31, would be untoward and a tad impertinent, especially since other avo aficionados will be there to try the appetizing make-your-own custom flavors.

Wholly Guacamole is behind the touring "lounge," which brings the "smushed" delicacy to chip-wielding fans across the nation. The Southern California stop will include live tunes, an area where you can create a flower crown to wear (after all, avocados are fruit and fruit is often associated with blossoms), and, yes, the all-important spot where you'll stand and put together the most delectable guacamole ever devised.

A scoop of tomatoes? Two scoops of chopped onions? The sky, or your guac-craving tum, rather, is the luscious limit. But think about going local for your guacamole: The Guac-Kale-Mole is a Guac Stop creation that's been whipped up in health-minded honor of Los Angeles.

After you've had your guacasolo, which might be an appropriate term for a guacamole created for single person, consider asking for your sample of avocado ice cream.

Again, it is a fruit, which means it should be quite lickable, and down-the-hatch-able, as far as desserts go.

All of this? It's free.

And, frankly, there's no way to further fancy up the words "it's free" unless we were to throw a few avocado slices atop them, but avocado slices are meant for fancy pieces of bread, club sandwiches, and the bottom of a bowl prepped for the making of guacamole.

Facts are facts.

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