Bake This Disneyland Christmas Confection at Home

Yes, we said "Christmas." The theme park just shared a favorite gingerbread recipe, all to celebrate Christmas in July.

Disneyland Resort

What to Know

  • Mini Gingerbread Bundt Cakes with Orange-Vanilla Sauce
  • Free recipe shared by the theme park's pastry chefs
  • The dessert includes a bottle of amber lager beer

August is nigh, meaning the eighth month is the atmosphere, meaning hotter days are most definitely on the way.

Which all means this: If you're going to get your Christmas in July joy on the roll, you better start soon, for we'll be digging into the Halloween decorations before long.

And here to help us? It's Disneyland Resort, a destination that is synonymous with all of the delights of the sparkliest season.

It's a season that Disneyland has already jump-started for its at-home fans, all to keep spirits high and outlooks brimming with hope and cheer.

That cheer was upped over the final weekend in July when The Happiest Place on Earth gave a stylish sneak peek at some of its 2020 Christmas-themed merchandise.

But the Anaheim-based theme park is going further into the festive summertime doings, with a just-shared recipe for its Mini Gingerbread Bundt Cakes with Orange-Vanilla Sauce.

Gingerbread at the peak of summertime?

It could be the newest tasty trend, or at least a cuisine-fun counterpoint to all of the warmer weather eats we typically see this time of year.

And a well-made bundt is always a welcome sight, whatever the calendar might say.

Disneyland's acclaimed pastry chefs are the masterminds of this mirthful goodie. And here's the twist: Beer is one of the not-so-secret ingredients.

"This gingerbread recipe has all traditional spices you would expect with a little something extra. The addition of zested fresh ginger balances the molasses, and the amber lager beer ensures a nice moist cake," revealed the team at the Disneyland blog, where the recipe was posted on July 25.

"Fancy it up with an Orange-Vanilla Sauce pooled in the center of each mini Bundt cake and you will be the hit of the holiday party…in July or anytime! Enjoy!"

Christmas in July is almost over, but there's still time for gingerbread, bundts, and Disneyland-style sweets, made at home, should you want to tap into an instant holiday vibe.

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