Bevs and Bar Bites: DineLA Happy Hour Week

Are snacky appetizers served alongside spirits your favorite meal? You're in luck.

Once upon a time, centuries ago, restaurants were restaurants, and the meals served within were basically of the hearty, meaty, main-course-y variety.

Chow down, finish up, hit the trail.

But specialization in dining-out choices grew over time. Soon we had eateries serving only dessert, and then ice cream, and then particular types of ice cream, like gelato or custard.

This hyper-focused, long-running trend can only mean that one day, soon, the dream restaurant for many will debut: All bar bites all the time. Until that delightful day, we have dineLA's first-ever Happy Hour Week, which will put the savory spotlight on finger foods like mozzarella sticks and nachos and brisket sliders.

And, of course, the spirits and suds that are so often partnered with snacky, dippable, no-utensils-required appetizers.

dineLA is behind Southern California's Restaurant Weeks, those a-couple-of-times-a-year happenings that offer up prix fixe lunch and dinner deals at hundreds of restaurants from every category and price point.

Happy Hour Week, which runs from Monday, April 27 through Friday, May 1, features 135 restaurants and taverns and hotspots that'll all serve up "a selection of bar bites and drinks, with some offering exclusive items only available to dineLA guests during Happy Hour Week." Bacari PDR, Mud Hen Tavern, and NowBoarding are all on the appetizer-ganza list.

Also of note, beyond those places that already offer regular Happy Hours: A handful of restaurants that normally do not host a Happy Hour will whip up a couple of Happy-Hour-esque offerings in honor of the week.

It's like a veritable shower of sliders and spinach dips.

As with all easy-breezy eating, which bar bites and beverages represent, no reservations are necessary. Another reason we're eagerly awaiting the all-nacho-and-mozzarella-stick restaurant. No foreplanning required.

Is your local pub or steakery or bistro on the Happy Hour Week roster? Then don't miss out on possible special snacks: Get the bar-bite-y 411 now.

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