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Big Sunday Is Paying It Forward With Doughnuts

Say "thank you" to a frontline worker, a coworker, or a friend by making a donation to the give-back group; doughnuts will be delivered on your behalf.

Scott Grummett

What to Know

  • Tuesday, Oct. 12
  • $100 donation; Big Sunday volunteers will purchase a dozen doughnuts for your chose recipient, then have them delivered with your message
  • Your money helps the organization's many charitable programs, including their Thanksgiving Stuffing food collection event

If you've attended a Big Sunday event, then you know that the charitable organization is very much about community connection, and fostering the festive occasions that give people a chance to show how much they care.

That "show" part could be coming together to fill grocery bags with delicious eats on the day before Thanksgiving, or creating colorful handmade cards for seniors ahead of Valentine's Day.

But on Tuesday, Oct. 12? It will be a tasty treat tugging people's heartstrings around Los Angeles, a goodie that has a hole in the middle and will do a whole lot of good.

And Dave's Donut Day is ready to roll, all to help the organization raise funds for its inspiring line-up of programs, to bring Southern Californians surprise and joy, and to honor Big Sunday Executive Director David Levinson.

Here's how it works: Make a donation of $100 (or more, if you'd like), and Big Sunday will buy a dozen doughnuts at a local shop, then have them delivered to anyone around town.

That could be a coworker, a former teacher, a cousin, a good friend.

Doughnut senders might also choose a nurse, a firefighter, or anyone who could use a pick-me-up and sweet show of gratitude.

Yep, a message can be included, from you, all to express your thanks or whatever good feeling you'd like to share with the recipient.

The give-back-a-tude will flow through the day, for not only are you helping Big Sunday, but the doughnut purchases will be made at local doughnut shops, helping various independent pastry pros.

And delivery drivers, too, will be paid to drop off the doughnuts wherever they're happily headed.

Have someone in mind, a sweet-toother you know or local hero you admire?

Here's your chance: Sign up and donate for Dave's Donut Day, and those doughnuts will be on their way, to the special person of your choosing, on Oct. 12.

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